The Bathroom

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We redid our upstairs bathroom this summer. It wasn’t on our list, but when has that stopped us… well, never!

It all started one day when I couldn’t stop picking… kind of like peeling paint or wallpaper. I just can’t leave it alone which is why we have this kind of stuff going on all over our house…

like here…


or hereIMG_0123or here IMG_0124or hereIMG_0129or how about herepealing wallpaper wall

So back to the bathroom… the back edge of our shower bathtub had been walled off to create more of a built in tub and shower. The tub had a funny triangular corner ledge that sat on the edge of the tub.  One day I was cleaning the bathroom and the caulk was separating from the tub once again and I started to pull at it. Taking the caulk off left a bit of a hole that I could, with a help of a headlamp, peer into… the tub curved. Well, that my friends is all the encouragement I needed to continue. What you see below is what I discovered after a 15 minute session with a screwdriver and hammer.

bathtub curveThat’s what started a quick 2 week bathroom upgrade that lasted two months!

I sigh,

You laugh,

but lets be honest it was by far the fastest turn around for a Terhune House renovation project to date! Want to know why? We hired a good portion of it out! *

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Here’s is what we decided to do to the bathroom in those two weeks:

  • remove wall board, plaster and lathe from the two walls by the tub
  • completely remove the particleboard shelving and  wall
  • lower ceiling in tub area and install exhaust fan and light*
  • Build walls back up *
  • strip wallpaper and patch walls above horizontal wall trim
  • strip all woodwork.
  • replumb the shower and sink*
  • refinish original  pedestal sink that we found in basement
  • install subway tile around tub*
  • install beadboard halfway up wall in rest of room
  • paint
  • level floor
  • install flooring*

Dave, Kevin and I got the demo work done pretty quickly. Then came trying to find and schedule a carpenter in June! That in itself took a month which turned out to be a good thing because it gave me a chance to strip the layers of wallpaper off the walls and the layers of paint off the woodwork.

shelvesshower before

stripping wallpaper III

IMG_4270layers of wallpaperlayers of wallpaperIIstripping windowwall progression

I didn’t get any pictures of the walls being built back up or the tile being installed, but below are a few of the new ceiling and the tile work.

tile with curve tubtile wall

tiled shower walldrop ceiling

tomorrow the “AFTER” pictures


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5 Responses to The Bathroom

  1. colleen says:

    Looks like it is turning out great. You never do anything halfway.  I love the way you describe a little “pick” becoming a complete redo. I had that happen with a bathroom in Oshkosh too. BUT in the end it was and still is the best bathroom I ever had. STILL miss that bathroom with the clawfoot tub and the skylight above it and the little window that allowed me to look down into the garden while lying in the bathtub. SIGH, would love a soak RIGHT now.

    • Kelly says:

      Colleen, that sounds really nice, but does it really beat my favorite bathrooms of all times — The main level bath in your “Country Art House” I could have lived in that room!

  2. jane says:

    Picking sure does you good Kelly. It looks great and of course, I like curves. Especially when they are on bathtubs.

  3. Colleen says:

    This is the best result of picking that I have ever seen.  I have been in this bathroom and used it…love the colors and the space and the unique design of the tub.  Great selection of shower curtains and art, too , I might add.

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