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Projects in this house take forever… why you might ask? Well, for a number of reasons, but usually it boils down to 1. we run out of money and 2, we get distracted… you know like the dog in UP… “Squirrel”  (Did you know there is a facebook page devoted to people who get distracted? I just found it , here take a look:


I started redoing my son’s bedroom when he left for college…T H R E E    Y E A R S   A G O I thought it would be a simple removing the wall paper and painting project. But by removing the 7 layers of wallpaper some portions of the walls came crumbling down and the walls that were left intact were covered with hairline cracks – which you can sort of see in this picture under the wallpaper glue. But, they show up better in some of the pictures farther down the page.

What to do? I knew I didn’t want the mess that comes along with removing the plaster and lath ( the mess you see above is nothing in comparison). Plus we favor the  plaster over drywall so with a bit of false confidence gained by repairing the walls in my daughter’s room, I decided to try to repair these walls as well.

We screwed in plaster washers (like the one above)  all over the walls which helps to push the key back into the lath, then widened major cracks and stabilized the holes. After that it was just a matter of building up the plaster once again.

(remember this hole…)

And there it sat for TWO MORE YEARS.

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The room had a quaint rustic vibe going (but of course I don’t have pictures…)

Now in anticipation of our first born coming home for the holidays and cause I just can’t take it any longer, I’m going to finish the walls once and for all!

Once all the holes and cracks were repaired and outlets were repositioned it was time for skim coating.  The last time I did this I mixed up dry plaster, but this time I was advised to use drywall mud. I jumped on that advice faster than a flea jumps on a dog  cause I am doing this project alone for the most part and plastering with the ready mix stuff really is a two person job.

However you end up doing it; alone, with a partner, Gypsum readi-mix or drywall mud… plastering is hard work and not so much fun. (Although I suppose if I was better at it fun might be had.)

It was hard taking pictures of the room because there is a bunch of stuff sitting right in the middle of it, but this is it after one skim coat.

Oh and here is that hole repaired and ready for the final coat of plaster. Not too shabby, right?

Left to do:

  • knock down the ridges
  • one or two more layers of skim coats (depending on the walls)
  • Final sand
  • clean up
  • Prime
  • Paint

But most of that will have to wait until next week because this weekend Dave and I will be putting up the greenery and lights outside and reinstalling our storm windows.  What are your plans for the weekend?

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