Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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We decked the halls… well the front of our house!  We don’t do this every year and we have never gotten it done so early! But this year Kevin sold wreaths and roping for a fundraiser and we bought some (supportive parents are we!) and the delivery date was before Thanksgiving so even though December 4th it is early for us… I guess we are behind schedule in comparison to the rest of the world (or at least our country).

Still to do our there is  a wreath of sorts for the door and I have an idea for our wheel barrel (thanks to pinterest)  oh and perhaps some snow!   Better pictures to come, it was getting late andit was so very grey out.

We also put up the storm windows that we took down this summer during the siding project.  I sanded and painted them while they were down and yesterday while it was raining, Dave put them back up and washed the outsides of the windows (not the storm windows but the house windows) as well.  Good thing the eaves are deep and there wasn’t a wind! While Dave was braving the elements I was eating bonbons (washed the inside of the windows, the storm windows, and the curtains, cause you can’t have clean windows without clean curtains, right?) We are still trying to figure out how to get over to the up-stair’s hall window… It looks magnificent compared to this.  But it would look super duper magnificent if we could wash the fly dodo off the inside of it.

I’ll snap a few pictures of the sparkling view from the hallway once the weather clears up.

My mom is bringing Kevin home this evening from a weekend in Fargo and staying over night!  Time to clean the guest room/music room/storage room…  Actually the room got a new heating source about a month ago and we have yet to clean up from that upgrade.

We heat our first floor by wood… and although that does a pretty good job in the central part of the space the two ends of the house have gotten rather cold at times. One end of the house we were heating with a pellet stove, and the other we closed up most of the time and during the times when we did have it opened up we ran a small radiant heater, but recently we sold both the stove and the heater and have installed baseboard electric heaters in both rooms. This winter Dave will be installing hot water radiators in each of those room as well. The water in the  radiators will be heated by the wood stove and the baseboards will only be used as an auxiliary heat source.   More on that project when we get to it.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

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2 Responses to Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. JoAn O'Connor says:

    Kelly, it is such fun to see the progress and I enjoy your writing a lot.

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