“The After” – Bathroom Addition

OK so here is the bathroom as it looks today…

tub curvefloor closeupcurtain flower goodfan ceiling

towels and sinkII


Are there still things to do? Why yes, yes there are.


I would like to change out the lights

Build a storage unit in the back corner for towels and toiletries

The sink still needs to get switched outtoo small sink

the Tub needs to be resurfaced

tub resurfaced

The door needs to be replaced

and someday I would like to tile the floor, but really that might never get done cause I am really liking the vinyl, go figure.

floor one

Next up?  Well my birthday is coming up and I asked for a finished bathroom on the first floor. We are soooo close!


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The Bathroom

We redid our upstairs bathroom this summer. It wasn’t on our list, but when has that stopped us… well, never!

It all started one day when I couldn’t stop picking… kind of like peeling paint or wallpaper. I just can’t leave it alone which is why we have this kind of stuff going on all over our house…

like here…


or hereIMG_0123or here IMG_0124or hereIMG_0129or how about herepealing wallpaper wall

So back to the bathroom… the back edge of our shower bathtub had been walled off to create more of a built in tub and shower. The tub had a funny triangular corner ledge that sat on the edge of the tub.  One day I was cleaning the bathroom and the caulk was separating from the tub once again and I started to pull at it. Taking the caulk off left a bit of a hole that I could, with a help of a headlamp, peer into… the tub curved. Well, that my friends is all the encouragement I needed to continue. What you see below is what I discovered after a 15 minute session with a screwdriver and hammer.

bathtub curveThat’s what started a quick 2 week bathroom upgrade that lasted two months!

I sigh,

You laugh,

but lets be honest it was by far the fastest turn around for a Terhune House renovation project to date! Want to know why? We hired a good portion of it out! *

Here’s is what we decided to do to the bathroom in those two weeks:

  • remove wall board, plaster and lathe from the two walls by the tub
  • completely remove the particleboard shelving and  wall
  • lower ceiling in tub area and install exhaust fan and light*
  • Build walls back up *
  • strip wallpaper and patch walls above horizontal wall trim
  • strip all woodwork.
  • replumb the shower and sink*
  • refinish original  pedestal sink that we found in basement
  • install subway tile around tub*
  • install beadboard halfway up wall in rest of room
  • paint
  • level floor
  • install flooring*

Dave, Kevin and I got the demo work done pretty quickly. Then came trying to find and schedule a carpenter in June! That in itself took a month which turned out to be a good thing because it gave me a chance to strip the layers of wallpaper off the walls and the layers of paint off the woodwork.

shelvesshower before

stripping wallpaper III

IMG_4270layers of wallpaperlayers of wallpaperIIstripping windowwall progression

I didn’t get any pictures of the walls being built back up or the tile being installed, but below are a few of the new ceiling and the tile work.

tile with curve tubtile wall

tiled shower walldrop ceiling

tomorrow the “AFTER” pictures


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10 months later…

Last time I make an entry on this blog was last spring right before we planted our fruit trees. I think I said I would have pictures up by the end of May… oops!

What can I say, life got busy and something had to go.

Well, to catch this blog up on the happenings around Terhune House I have a few stories to tell, and you’ll be happy to know that I am starting where I left off…

The Fruit Trees

We planted 8 apple trees, which will be grown on a trellis (espalier). We also planted 2 sour cherries and 2 plums in our front yard.  The trees came in April and Dave planted them while I was gone so unfortunately the photos are few and pretty poor phone pics. (Its hard to do and photograph.)

This is what we have…

preparing the holes

preparing the holes

preparing the holes

The fruit trees are planted so that the graft is 1-2 inches above ground level.

The fruit trees are planted so that the graft is 1-2 inches above ground level.







Right after we got them in the ground we took off for a whirlwind trip out east for our son, Caleb’s college graduation

IMG_4141 and to visit our daughter, Erin in her new hometown, Brooklyn, NY.


When we returned we put in the post for the apple trellis. (No Pictures, but there was a lot more hole digging!) Next month we will run the wire and prune the apples into the horizontal formation.  Eventually the branches will fill in and form a living wall.  The plan is to have a flagstone patio between the apples and the house… but we’ll see if that plan changes or not. Our plans almost always adapt. (Landscape plan case in point.)

The changes or developments we make, be it to our gardens or house have almost always been large projects with multiple steps and once we have done the first step and then lived “in progress” mode for a while,  the plan or project seems to evolve, ending in an end product that is much different than what we envisioned to start with.

For example, this patio I just mentioned, It occurs to me that there is a space issue. Between the trees and the house we are adding a shed and a porch so there might not be enough room for a patio after all.

Here is what our baby orchard looks like now…

winter trees

the Pink Lady is the tallest tree on the right.

I worry about our trees with the extreme cold. The apple trees are well protected from the wind with the arborvitaes, fence and house, but the cherries and plums are not. I guess we’ll see in the spring which are hardy and which are not. Everything we planted are rated for zone 4b or lower except for one apple- the Pink Lady, but the temp has plummeted to -30F with windchill -50F, that’s arctic cold people!

By the way look at how much the Arborvitaes have grown this year…

preparing the holes

note height in reference to horizontal fence board.

winter trees

We have had some pretty extreme weather in Wisconsin the past two years and I actually have been wondering if it is even practical it is to be planting perennials of any kind any more. Plants that tolerate the intense heat and drought are not all that hardy in the extreme cold and vice versa. We have had both. The world is changing and so must our farming/gardening practices. But that’s a topic for another post.


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Fruit Trees

This weekend we bought 8 apple tree, 2 plum trees, 2 sour cherry trees and 2 “sweeter” cherry bushes.   The apple trees will be espalier trained and located in the south west corner between the arborvitaes and the raspberries. AudleyEndKitchenGrdnApplsThe rest of the fruit will be planted in front of the house.  We still need to add pear trees, currants and bamboo to the mix, but that will not happen until next year or maybe this fall if we can swing it.  Makes me a bit nervous, spending money on bare root trees but, it seems like the right decision so here we go!   Our landscape plan found here needs to be updated. the garden has changed quite a bit since I designed it. We now have 11 vegetable beds surrounded by a perennial flower garden. The number of arborvitaes has dwindled from 23-12 and our fence is now only planned for the front of our house instead of wrapping around the both the east and south side of our property.  We have also moved the placement of the blueberry from in front of the office windows to the south side of the vegetable garden and the raspberry bushes will now line the western edge of the vegetable garden instead of following the fence line.  I think, if we listen, the land tells us where the ” apple trees will thrive and where the blueberries will die”. So it’s a good idea to be flexible in our design to accommodate. After all, it is almost inevitable that our design will not match the wisdom of the land.


I’ll take pictures of the planting process and post hopefully before mid May!




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